My busy schedule for every week!!

As the title explains, I do have a really busy schedule and even if I’m not doing the activity, I am still out.

Well , here it is:

Monday -out for my sisters’ ballet.

Tuesday- have to drop off my sister at Rainbows.

Wednesday- Ballet, tap and modern for myself. I also drop my sister off at her orchestra lesson (violin).

Thursday-Thursday is my day off but my sister gets private lessons at our house for guitar. (Every fortnight.)

Friday-every fortnight we go to a youth group and we are always coming back late because we have lots of friends we play with when we go.

Well that’s my busy schedule.

Tuesday 26th March 2013

Dear Diary ,

Today a man came to try and fix our fire, but he couldn’t so he decided to put in another one. He had to go to Wicks so he could get a block of wood to fix the new fire onto. Before all  that, all we basically did was watch TV!! We were going to do our dances, but the man came, so instead I started writing on my blog.

All my love,



Dork Diaries =)

I think Dork Diaries is a cool, romantic and amazing story. Its about a girl called Nikki J. Maxwell who goes to a school and for her birthday she gets a diary.  The book is like her diary so basically you’re reading her diary. Her worst enemy is Mackenzie Hollister and unfortunately Nikki’s locker is next to MacKenzie’s. The only reason Nikki goes to that school is because her dad is the school exterminator and her dad said she has to go to this school because it’s part of his exterminator contract. She has a crush on a boy in the school called Brandon. Her best friends are Zoey and Chloe. Zoey is a human Wikipedia and Chloe is a  funny and cool girl.

Overall, I loved this book and couldn’t put it down

I recommend  it to every girl in the world that likes reading .